Bitcoin cash original link line diagram

The original intention of Bitcoin is to create a technology that can improve human life, promote the development of human civilization, and enhance the freedom and prosperity of human beings.

In the process of the development of Bitcoin, it is not perfect there is a pre-designed route, therefore Bitcoin after Chinese and Satoshi start the development, still continue to upgrade iteration, but also created a sub manifold and controversy, these differences There is a contradiction between the controversy and the technical level, and the choice of optimization cannot take all factors into consideration.

Based on this uncertainty, no matter which route ultimately achieves the goal, and in which direction and segmentation area to explore and make breakthroughs, practice and feedback are needed to improve the analysis.

Seek common ground, the integration of innovation, like the diversity of biological evolution, hard targets will limit the possibilities of development, developers still need feedback based on a variety of ecological roles, according to the leading face of the

field direction, technology choices, practices and other differences, The current Bitmap currency roadmap is represented by the following four quadrants:

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